Meet Kia Dawn


I am Kia Dawn and I'm a fitness coach. Originally from Seattle, Washington but I'm currently located in Atlanta, Georgia. Where I attended Georgia State University, studying Journalism with a minor in Psychology. Having attended Langston University prior too GSU, gaining credits towards my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Ed. with a minor in Physical Therapy. 


I began my fitness instructor journey back in 2017 and have since dedicated my life to assisting others with adopting more mindful outlets to get healthier and fit themselves.


No, I don't provide a quick fix transformation but a lifestyle brand instead. I want people to understand that the way to a more prosperous lifestyle is through tending to our own mindfulness journeys. Aligning the mental, physical, and spiritual energies into one blissful unit. 

My Vision

By introducing creative outlets for weight loss result. For my ladies, Pole Magic Fitness, Sultry Dance fitness, and other various activities that will help with achieving that shape you want. Men classes are Mindful Experience (Stretching) and Mobility Training with cardio and weight lifting to achieve thely desired toned physique. By showcasing the different forms of how to maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle.


I also have Twist N Shout Arena, INC a nonprofit KidsFit Gym. Providing classes for children, who are interested in kids fitness which is highly important. Sharpening their minds with basic gymnastics and fitness exercises. Utilizing social, cognitive, and motor development skills to build up their muscles mentally and physically.


If your trying to lose weight and have fun in the process come see me!! I avoid sticking to specific styles in order to keep my workouts fun, fresh, and exciting.  Its important  to achieve a healthy balance between the mind and body when trying just get results. Not only can eating healthy help to shred some pounds but it can improve your physical limitations by transforming your life, but you have to be willing and hungry for change.


Having a background in diverse sporting experiences has allowed me to develop a series of comprehensive packages. As a coach,  I am here to assist with customizing a wellness profile, nutritional plans, and fitness programs based on the clients specific needs. Come and discover more about the services I provide and get in touch with any questions. You can also follow me on the social media platforms; Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram click one the links below and check me out.